Deep Human Resource Experience, Broad Knowledge of Enterprise Systems.

We Enable You To Get The Most Out of Your Investments.

Deep Human Resource Experience,
Broad Knowledge of Enterprise Systems.

We Enable You To Get The
Most Out of Your Investments.

Deep Human Resource
Experience, Broad Knowledge
of Enterprise Systems.

We Enable You
To Get The Most Out
of Your Investments.

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Human Resources Transformation is a Global Consortium of the best and brightest ERP/Technical consultants offering vast HR, Finance and Payroll transformation and advisory consulting...

"Diana took on the challenging task for creating a Program Management Office in the midst of multiple ongoing programs that needed immediate organization and monitoring. She and her team accomplished this during a challenging time in the organization's history, and her group is now a function that other team members rely on when projects begin."

- Toni Cornelius, Consulting Firm President

"Diana would be an asset to any organization in a Senior Level Position/Capacity. She is a tenacious individual with a solid ability to create high level process mapping and project management plans with a strong emphasis on execution. She has honed her ability to uncover the best talent in any given field. She has the ability lead in cross-functional areas while inspiring and motivating her teams. She consistently demonstrates success in developing, leading and executing on multi layered strategies, presentations and internal and external relationship management skills. She can develop and execute a client-focused account plan and work well in a leadership capacity in any environment. She has superior analytical skills and the ability to effectively manage change. She has excellent written and oral communication skills"

- Vann Holland, Account Executive

"Passionate and Dedicated are words which describe Diana. In all my years I have never seen someone want to help someone else succeed than her. Diana comes to work every day with a goal of looking out for others more so than herself and in the process is gratified with her opportunity to make someone else elated. A constant professional as well as beautiful person outside the office."

- David Barbara, Senior Sales and Marketing Executive

"Diana has a strong business knowledge and is a wonderful communicator. She has outstanding program management skills and an ability to lead teams and manage projects, as well as lead and influence people to grow and improve in both their work and personal lives. Her strong collaborative skills have made her a great partner with me in leading change through our team and the company."

- Mike Brown, Change Leader

"Diana is one of the most knowledgeable Workday leaders in the marketplace today. I had the great fortune of working with Diana during a global Workday deployment I was leading for Motorola Solutions. She has a natural ability to listen and discern through the clutter of an initial ideation session and to develop clear and powerful solutions that delivery significant impact."

- Vicki Colaneri, Global HR Enablement Leader

"Diana was our Functional Strategist and Implementation Leader for our SaaS implementation. Diana has been instrumental to our successful delivery of an ontime delivery with her HR and Workday expertise and hands on support to all of our team members (from Execs to Salaried and Union employees).

Diana worked tirelessly with the organization to ensure our success and our ability to manage on our own after go live - well done!"

- Richard Loew, Senior IT Executive

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