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  • Strategy

    A bad digital transformation and innovation strategy, or the lack thereof, in today’s fast pace and short lifecycle world can be extremely costly. To combat the industry reported high project failure rates, we believe a solid, well thought-out strategy, based in real experience and not a guess or empty promise, is the keystone to your success.  We have learned that any successful business transformation effort, especially in Human Resources, requires deep subject matter expertise AND a breadth of Enterprise System knowledge.   We offer strategic development services via evaluation of where you are, and then build a road map of where you need to be. We can also tell you where you are on your journey, and what it will take to reach your goals.   Companies must now continuously reinvent their business with technology at the core, along with a solid strategy. Let us help build one that is scalable and flexible for the future.

  • HR Transformation

    Never before has Human Resources and Human Systems had the ability to fully control their process and data.   SaaS applications offer you the ability to put vital information in the hands of business leaders and managers anywhere in real-time.  Buying new systems won’t transform the way you work.  We can show you how to maximize that investment related to the full lifecycle of transformation, including systems, process redesign, organizational development, change and adoption strategies, and production support models to carry you and your investment into the future. Call on our team of experts to provide Transformation Advisory, Program/Project and/or project Consultancy services.

  • Selection Services

    With the emergence of Software As a Service (SaaS) technologies, the landscape of Enterprise Software is highly dynamic.   Making a decision on the right package for your business is very difficult, made more difficult by hungry salespeople eager to tell you their product can do everything you need and it will be fast and easy!  Here’s where we excel.   We know Human Resources AND we know the current technologies available and we know what it takes for you, your teams, and your end-users to successfully select, implement and adopt these very important applications.   In working with you, we can give you that vital insight into what will best fit your organization’s needs, operationally and financially.

  • Adoption / Change Management

    We can tell you every tired adage there is about change, but the reality is change is no longer an event but a process.   It’s no longer acceptable to just tell people things are changing or providing training.  Traditional change management methodologies do not meet the demand for today’s dynamic business environments.   The numbers are staggering at the failure rate reported by CIOs on digital transformation projects.  We are experienced at developing change and adoption strategies to support your digital transformation needs, including a whole tool kit of adoption, communications and measurement applications to guarantee your success. Let us help you develop a repeatable program for designing, implementing and measuring how change occurs in your organization- especially addressing how the change is being adopted so you can pivot or address problem areas ahead of a go live and after.

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